The Norad Academy


Centre of Excellence

At Norad Travel Group we believe fervently in the promotion and development of youthful talent in order to grow our business and reputation as one of the UK's leading travel organisations.

Founded in 2012 the Norad Academy provides the structured framework within which our investment in the travel specialists of tomorrow takes root and flourishes.

Stepping onto the career ladder

It can be hard for young people breaking into the world of work, especially without A Levels or a degree-level education. The Norad Academy was created out of our vision to support the local community by offering young people an opportunity to succeed regardless of their education and background.

Hannah Codling and Chloe Gibbs were the first to embark on the scheme.

“My first perception of the academy was that it would take us a while to understand the industry and to be confident within the company however we have progressed at a fast pace and we have received all the appropriate training and learnt all the skills needed to work within the travel industry successfully.” Chloe Gibbs

“The biggest skill Norad has given me is probably the confidence to be able to interact with not only the clients, but with my colleagues too as I’d never been in this sort of working environment before.” Hannah Codling

Joining as trainee travel consultants they assisted clients with travel quotes over the phone and by email, but their ambitions reach further.

“My main aim is to continue working and improving my skills and knowledge within business travel to hopefully work up to senior level consultant.” Hannah Codling

If you are aged 17-19 years and would like to be considered for our next intake of academy students, please email your CV to Tara Foy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No experience or qualifications necessary.


We thank our partners for their generous support of the Academy.

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