Our CSR Commitment

   CSR Commitment

Managing our carbon footprint

Climate change and what the world can do to help protect the environment have never been more important. Corporate Social Responsibility is taking greater importance in industry with carbon trading and emission reductions high up on the agenda of many of our customers.

Working in partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company, the UK's leading climate change company, we assist our corporate customers to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by their domestic and international travel by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable projects around the world.

At Norad, we too are conscious about how we as a business can play an active role to reduce emissions and improve energy usage to ensure that we provide a continued safe and strong environment for our children and their children's children. We recycle all paper matter, cardboard and plastics and ensure these are taken away by specialists.

"Overall CSR is about making an impact on the community in which you operate, whether this is about responsible consumption of energy, in office recycling, or making more responsible travel decisions".